Now Offering Disposable & Reusable Face-masks!

  • Apr 16, 2020

During this time of COVID-19, we've innovated our business to offer high-demand products both to those on the front lines & working from home alike! 

While we continue to supply custom printed & embroidered apparel to essential businesses in need, we've moved much of our efforts to supplying hand sanitizer, hand shields, & face masks! 

Some of our face-masks in stock now are Disposable 3-Layer Masks, AKWA Reusable Multi-Colors Face-masks, and BELLA+CANVAS Guard Face-masks! 

What's the importance of wearing a face-mask? Well, besides that it's becoming legally required to continue business/travel in some states, it does help prevent the spread of your breath (and any germs in it) to those around you. But face-masks can also be too tight or not fit! Those masks can cut off your air flow - and that's not good!

What we want is a face-mask that has formidable, antimicrobial layers, while still having both good fabric & shape for breathability. Let's show each one of our face-masks and the benefits of each.


*UPDATED May 6 2020 - NEW Customized Facemasks by Big City Promos!*


0. The Disposable 3-Layer Face-mask


In need of facemasks and looking for a non-disposable, wash & reusable option? Have you realized that not all mask shapes fit the same face? Look no further!

We have 4 different 100% USA made models to choose from that come with free shipping & logo placement!


- Fully covers the nose, mouth, & cheeks of face
- Has no seems across the face, only a rectangular contour shape of the mask cut
- Contains elastic stretching ear loops (as opposed to ear slits)
- 100% Cotton material (Safety green & orange  50% cotton / 50% polyester)
-Is customizable with your logo anywhere on the mask (sides & center)



Next up, our cheapest & bulk selling mask!

1. The Disposable 3-Layer Face-mask

These face-masks are bulk prices & quality designed! Wraps around the whole face, and contains a wire for personal face fitting! These are meant to last multiple uses; but will eventually ned to be disposed of. 


2. The AKWA Reusable Multi-color Options Face-mask

These masks are nice fitting, come in multiple colors, and 50 clean re-inserts for the mask! these masks, while costing more per mask, are more durable & washable. You can reuse these masks again & again if you take good care of them. 



2. The BELLA+CANVAS Guard Face-mask


This mask is made of half airlume combed ring-spun cotton & polyester fleece, making it by far one of the more comfortable wears for face-masks. It's design has multiple layers and is manufactured in a way that requires no human touch! 



2. The TULTEX Face-mask

The Tultex face-masks is a reusable 2-ply masks with 30 singles, made from 100% U.S. cotton! Washable & Reusable!


No-matter what kind of mask you're needing for the next season - Big City Promos is sure to have the choice for your business! We thank you for caring about the wellness of yourself & community. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at! 

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